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Anti-Paxos, Paxos, Greece...

Anti-Paxos is a small and extremely picturesque island that lies approximately three kilometres south of Paxos.

Most people that visit Anti-Paxos are day trippers from Paxos and Corfu who visit the island to enjoy the beautiful and un-spoiled sandy beaches and secluded coves that can be found around the island's coastline.

Anti-Paxos is uninhabited for most of the year, however there is a small harbour called Agrapidia. This services the vineyards that are on the island and allows easy access to the few families that stay on the island whilst they tend to their grape crops.


The wine produced from the vineyards on Anti-Paxos can be bought throughout Paxos from any one of the many grocery stores and mini-markets.

Anti-Paxos is also a very popular stop-off point for the yachting fraternity. Many impressive, luxurious yachts and motor cruisers can be typically seen mooring off the two main beaches.

Pleasure trips to the island operate from each of the three main villages on Paxos (Gaios, Lakka, Loggos), as well as from Corfu. The trip typically only takes 15 minutes from Paxos. It is also possible to hire your own boat to visit the island.

There are two main beaches on the island: Vrika and Voutoumi, both of these beaches are on the north of the island. Of the two, Vrika is the sandiest beach. Voutoumi is sandy underfoot when in the water though the beach itself is white pebble. Both beaches have beach tavernas in operation in the summer months, though the one at Voutoumi requires a walk up a set of winding steps to reach it. The views from the top of the cliff and the food and drink make the effort worth while, however. Both of these beaches can become very crowded in the summer months.

Other beaches and coves can be reached by exploring the pathways on the island or, if you have hired a boat, from the sea. Because these beaches are less accessible, they tend to be quieter.

It is believed that the crystal clear turquoise waters off Anti-Paxos offer some of the best swimming and snorkeling opportunities in the Ionian sea.