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Loggos, Paxos, Greece...

Loggos is the smallest of the three main villages on Paxos and has a charming and peaceful ambience. The small harbour at Loggos is sited in a natural horseshoe shaped bay that is surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees.

Loggos, also known as Longos, has a small number of houses, shops and restaurants surrounding the harbour and as such the village has an intimate charm.

There are several restaurants and tavernas in the village as well as a bakery, mini-markets, several grocery stores and tourist shops. As with Lakka, Loggos boasts an internet cafe.

There is a small beach in Loggos harbour, though this is seldom used. Most people choose the nearby Levrecchio beach a few minutes south of Loggos. For details of beaches near Loggos and elsewhere around Paxos and Anti-Paxos, see the beaches page.

Loggos, Paxos

The old soap factory in Loggos dominates the north-west edge of the harbour. The stone built building with its imposing chimney stack is in a serious state of disrepair; even the roof is missing! However the front entrance to the building next to the village square boasts a rather fine Romanesque statue.

For more photos and videos of Loggos and Paxos, see the Gallery page.

Annually in late summer, Loggos becomes an unlikely venue for an international classical music festival. The Paxos International Music Festival takes place in and around Loggos and is centred in the old school house. The festival has been drawing visitors and young musicians from around the globe since it's inception in 1986. The 2007 Paxos Music Festival takes place between the 28th of August and 6th of September.

The relatively small harbour at Loggos does not draw the yachting fraternity in the same numbers as Gaios and Lakka, however there are many places in Loggos that offer boats for hire. There are also boats that take tourists on pleasure trips around the island, to Anti-Paxos and to visit the Blue Caves on the west coast of the island.

There are a good number of pathways that lead down from the olive groves (where most of the villa accommodation is to be found in Loggos) to the village, though most are unlit and can be steep.

The return bus service that operates four times a day between Gaios and Lakka calls in to Loggos. There is also a car, scooter and moped hire shop in the village.

Overlooking Loggos from it's vantage point on the hill to the north of the village, is an old windmill. This is accessed via one of many footpaths. From the windmill there are spectacular views down into the village and harbour and also along the east coast of Paxos. This vantage point provides views both south towards Gaios and north towards Lakka and Corfu. Also, the Greek mainland further to the east is clearly visible from here.

Loggos Accommodation

As with Gaios and Lakka, Loggos offers visitors to Paxos a good range of quality accommodation, including:

  • Private Villas: Several tour operators offer villa accommodation in Loggos. Most of these villas are located in the Olive groves that grow on the hillsides around Loggos. Many of the villas have private swimming pools. It is best to book your villa accommodation prior to your visit to Paxos.
  • Apartments: There is a small number of apartments for rent in Loggos. As with Loggos villa accommodation, it is best to book your accommodation prior to your trip to Paxos.
  • Rooms to Rent: Several local landlords offer private rooms to rent. These can be booked and paid for locally, though availability can be scarce in the peak holiday season.

Loggos Facilities

  • Shopping: There are a couple of mini-markets, a bakery and several small tourist shops.
  • Car hire: There is a car hire office in Loggos.
  • Internet Cafe: Situated in Four Seasons Cafe Bar.
  • Restaurants and Tavernas: Mostly found around the waterfront.
  • Public telephone: Found on the south side of the harbour.
  • Boat hire: There are two places in Loggos from which to hire boats.
  • Walking: Loggos is a good centre for walkers as there are many pathways leading to and from the village and crisscrossing the island.