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How To Get To Paxos, Greece...

As there is no airport on Paxos, most visitors to the island arrive via boat from either Corfu; the Greek mainland or from Italy. Set out below are the various methods of getting to Paxos.


From Corfu, there is a direct hydrofoil ferry service to Paxos. This operates from Corfu Town to Gaios. The "Flying Dolphin" hydrofoil is a passenger-only service that runs several times a day throughout the holiday season, with the crossing taking approximately one hour.

Occasionally, the service will sail via Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland. This adds an extra thirty minutes to the journey.

The "Flying Dolphin" hydrofoil service operates two vessels between Corfu and Paxos called Santa II and Santa III.

Sea Plane

Paxos Travel

There are several tour operators that can arrange the entire trip, including your return flights to Corfu and connecting ferry, hydrofoil or sea plane services, as a package holiday on your behalf. There are also, however, many independent travel operators from which you can pick and choose the individual components of your trip.

For example: For the independent traveler to Paxos, it is possible to rent villas on Paxos from one supplier or agent whilst arranging your flight and connecting travel elsewhere.

In 2004, Air Sea Lines began operating a new sea-plane service between Corfu and Paxos. The journey takes 25 minutes, with the flight time approximately 7 minutes. The service operates up to four times a day between Corfu Town and Gaios. Air Sea Lines also operate routes to and from Corfu from the following destinations in Greece: Ithaki, Lefkas, Patras as well as the inland lake of Ioannina (north-west Greece). They also operate a route between Corfu and Brindisi in Italy. Most of these routes are serviced daily by the airline. Contact Air Sea Lines on +30 26610 99316 for full details of fares and schedule. Unfortunately, as of late 2009, this service is no-longer in operation. It remains to be seen whether the service will resume.

Car Ferry

There is a direct car ferry service to Paxos operating from Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland. The ferry 'Ano Hora' makes a daily trip to Paxos, whilst the ferry 'Agia Theodora' operates on the route twice a week (Monday and Friday). Telephone +30 26650 21527 for full schedule and fare details.

It is also possible to travel to Corfu from Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland and from Brindisi and Bari in Italy. Ferries from these regions operate frequently during the spring, summer and autumn period. Check with the individual operators for fares and schedule.

Routes and operators are as follows:

  • Agoudomis Lines: Brindisi to Corfu
  • Blue Star Ferries: Venice - Ancona - Brindisi - Corfu
  • Fragline Ferries: Brindisi to Corfu
  • Minoan Lines: Venice - Ancona - Igoumenitsa - Corfu
  • Ventouris Ferries: Bari to Corfu

Sea Taxi

Sea taxis are available to take you from Corfu to Paxos. The following two services are available:

  • "Lakka Express" - Based in Lakka. Contact Andreas on +30 6977623033 (mobile)
  • "Paxos Express" - Based in Gaios. Contact Nikos on +30 6932232072 (mobile)


Many UK tour operators are able to arrange flights to Kerkyra airport in Corfu, with scheduled flights or charter flights typically available from most of the UK's airports, including:

  • Aberdeen airport
  • Belfast airport
  • Birmingham airport
  • Bournemouth airport
  • Bristol airport
  • Cardiff airport
  • Doncaster Sheffield airport
  • Durham Tees Valley airport
  • Edinburgh airport
  • Exeter airport
  • Gatwick airport
  • Glasgow airport
  • Heathrow airport
  • Humberside airport
  • Isle of Man airport
  • Leeds/Bradford airport
  • Liverpool airport
  • Luton airport
  • Manchester airport
  • Newcastle airport
  • Norwich airport
  • Nottingham East Midlands airport
  • Stanstead airport

Check with your tour operator for availability, schedule and pricing of flights. Airlines that operate routes from the UK to Corfu include:

  • Thomson Fly
  • XL Airlines
  • Thomas Cook
  • First Choice Airlines
  • My Travel
  • British Airways
  • Olympic Airlines

Once in Paxos

Upon arrival in Paxos there is a good and reasonably priced taxi service available to take you to your final destination. There is a large taxi rank at the port in Gaios. Fares are usually payable locally, though it is often possible to pre-book a taxi via your tour operator. Taxi operators include:

  • Christos Argyros - Tel: +30 2662031607 (Mobile: 697 747 2747)
  • Tassos Mourikis - Tel: +30 2662031613 (Mobile: 697 664 8486)
  • Kostas Antiohos - Tel: +30 2662031402 (Mobile: 697 400 2236)
  • Vasilis Vasilas - Tel: +30 2662031426 (Mobile: 697 398 5825)
  • Haris Bogdanos - Tel: +30 2662032526 (Mobile: 697 413 5660)

A bus service operates a return service four times a day between Gaios and Lakka, which calls into Loggos en-route.

Car hire is available from all three of the main villages in Paxos. Car hire can be arranged in advance by your tour operator or locally upon your arrival.