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Mongonisi, Paxos, Greece...

The pretty region of Mongonisi (often referred to as Mogonisi, Mogonissi or even Moggonissi), at the south end of Paxos lies just one mile south of Gaios. Mongonisi boasts one of the two sandy beaches on the island; the other being at Lakka. Unlike the sandy beach at Lakka, however, the sandy beach at Mongonisi is man made, having been blasted from the rocks to serve the needs of a nearby hotel. Because of the sandy beach, pretty setting and safe swimming several tour operators now offer villas and other accommodation in this region of Paxos.

The area of Mongonisi is formed around a natural bay that has an islet on the south east side. The islet is reached from the mainland by a single track bridge. On the islet, there is a chapel, called Agios Spiridon. From here you can enjoy spectacular views south towards Anti-Paxos and east towards the Greek mainland.

Mongonisi, Paxos

The bay at Mogonissi forms a natural harbour which proves to be a popular anchoring point for many visiting yachts and motor cruisers. See the yachting page for more information on sailing around the coast of Paxos.

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There is no real centre to Mongonisi as the village is comprised mainly of villas and dwellings scattered through the olive clad hills that surround the bay.

There is, however, a taverna at the back of the beach that has an excellent reputation for it's traditional Greek cuisine. On occasion you may be lucky enough to see some traditional Greek dancing here.

Mongonisi Accommodation

Unlike Gaios, Lakka and Loggos, Mongonisi does not have a large range of accommodation to choose from. This is slowly changing, however, as more tour operators are offering accommodation in this region of Paxos and thus fuelling the demand for villas. As such there are numerous new build villas in Mongonisi as well as several renovation projects in hand. Current accommodation in Mongonisi includes:

  • Private Villas: There are several tour operators that have recently started to offer villa accommodation in Mongonisi. Many of the villas in Mongonisi are brand new, with most offering private swimming pools. It is best to book your accommodation prior to your visit to Paxos.
  • Apartments: There are several apartments for rent in Mongonisi, though as with the villas in Mongonisi it is advisable to book prior to your trip to Paxos.
  • Camp site: Mongonisi is unique in that it boasts the only camp site on Paxos. There are facilities for tents, caravans and motor homes. The camp site is situated near the back of the beach.

Mongonisi Facilities

  • Taverna: A family friendly taverna that serves excellent Greek cuisine.
  • Water Sports: Wind surfing and peddlos are popular in Mongonisi.
  • Camp Site: Providing facilities for caravans, mobile homes and tents.
  • Boat Trips: From Gaios to Mongonisi run daily.
  • Yacht Mooring: The natural bay at Mongonisi provides mooring for yachts and motor cruisers.