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Restaurants In Paxos

Paxos is blessed with a wide and varied selection of places to eat. There are many restaurants and tavernas to be found in the three main villages of Gaios, Lakka and Loggos.

Most of the restaurants and tavernas in Paxos are situated around the waterfront of the harbours in the villages. With most dining areas outside under canopy, eating out in Paxos is an enjoyable experience.

Greek Cuisine And Paxos Specialities

As Paxos is a popular destination for Italian holiday makers during the peak season, there is a distinct Italian influence to the menus of the restaurants and tavernas.

A popular dish in Paxos is 'Mezdes' - appetizers made from ingredients such as octopus, salad, sardines, calamari or clams. As with the rest of Greece, 'Ouzo' is served as an aperitif at most of the restaurants. Surprisingly, fish dishes can be relatively expensive in Paxos. Keep in mind, however, that fish is usually priced by the kilo and not by the portion.

Paxos restaurants

Most of the restaurants and tavernas in Paxos are situated around the harbours of Gaios, Lakka and Loggos: all ideal settings for a pleasant and memorable evening.

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Gaios Restaurants And Tavernas

There is a good selection of restaurants and tavernas in Gaios, so a stay here provides plenty of places to eat. Highlights include:

Genesis Taverna & Cafe Bar: Situated a short walk from the main square, this family run restaurant provides seating for up to 250 people. The views from the restaurant over the harbour are quite beautiful. Often during the summer months, visitors are treated to traditional Greek dancing. Phone +30 26620 32495 for reservations and enquiries.

Restaurant Vontza: This high quality restaurant prides itself on cooking meals to order using fresh local ingredients. As such the menu changes daily to reflect what is in season and is available. Restaurant Vontza has an excellent selection of wines available. The restaurant can be found just under a kilometre from Gaios, near the Paxos Beach Hotel. For reservations and enquiries, telephone: +30 26620 32172.

Taverna DODOS: Situated near the main square in Gaios, Taverna DODOS is a family run, friendly taverna that serves traditional Greek food. An excellent atmosphere is helped by the fact that the seating are is outside, under the olive trees. Taverna DODOS offer a good selection of wines, with many being home made.

Carnayo Restaurant: Situated in the village of Gaios 100 metres from it's harbour front and attracts customers from both the island's inhabitants and visitors. It's cuisine is in high demand and is personally overseen by the owner/chef who promises to satisfy the most demanding gastronomic desires! The restaurant's interior is aesthetically and elegantly designed. Diners can enjoy divine dishes of traditional or modern cuisine in comfort. Accompany your chosen favourites with a bottle of wine selected from the " Carnayo's" own cava. The chef and his trained staff offer you a warm, hospitable enviroment. The Carnayo Restaurant is open all year round. Carnayo Restaurant

Lakka Restaurants And Tavernas

Like Gaios and Loggos, there is a good selection of Restaurants and Tavernas available, so you are never short of places to eat in Lakka. Highlights include:

Akis Bar and Restaurant: Akis Bar and Restaurant has a beautiful location, right on the waters edge in Lakka harbour. The restaurant serves a selection of quality dishes, both Greek and international. The bar is open through the day and makes a pleasant place to spend some time enjoying the view. Akis Bar and Restaurant is also an internet cafe. For reservations and enquiries, telephone: +30 26620 31665

Dionysus Taverna: Like Akis Bar And Restaurant, Dionysus Taverna enjoys a beautiful setting, overlooking Lakka harbour. The food at this family run taverna is excellent, with many holiday makers and yachtsmen returning year after year. The family has run the establishment for over a generation and prides itself on cooking with seasonal local ingredients. Dionysus Taverna has an excellent wine list, including wine from the vineyards of Anti-Paxos. For reservations and general enquiries, telephone: +30 26620 31288

Harami Beach Taverna: Situated at the back of Harami beach, approximately a five minute walk from the centre of Lakka, Harami Beach Taverna provides diners with a fine view over the Bay and across the sea to Corfu and the Greek mainland. Harami Beach Taverna serves a selection of home made Greek dishes as well as snack and pastries. There is a wide selection of drinks and wines available. For reservations and enquiries, telephone: +30 26620 31373.

Loggos Restaurants And Tavernas

Much like Gaios, and Lakka the restaurants and tavernas are situated mostly around the harbour front. A good selection of mainly family run establishments means that there are plenty of places to eat in Loggos. Highlights include:

The Olive Tree Restaurant: A great place to celebrate a special occasion, The Olive Tree Restaurant prides itself on the quality of the food that it serves. Catering for all tastes, The Olive Tree Restaurant offers a wide range of dishes including Greek, Mediterranean and vegetarian. An enjoyable place to spend an evening, The Olive Tree Restaurant can be found on the water frot in Loggos Harbour. For enquiries and reservations, telephone: +30 26620 31621.

Nassos Restaurant: Another restaurant with a superb harbour setting, Nassos Restaurant serves a range of Greek food including sea food and meat dishes. Nassos restaurant boasts an extensive wine list and provide diners with an ambience to match the charming setting. For enquiries and reservations, telephone: +30 26620 31604.

Mongonisi Restaurant/Taverna

There is only one taverna in Mongonisi, located at the back of the beach.

Mongonisi Beach Taverna: Situated close to the beach in Mongonisi, the Mongonisi Beach Taverna serves drinks and snacks throughout the day. In the evening, the taverna offers an excellent range of Greek cuisine. During the main holiday season, you may be lucky to see traditional Greek dancing being performed here. A unique venue in a unique setting. Telephone: +30 26620 32140.

Beach Bars And Tavernas

There are several beach bars and tavernas in Paxos and Anti-Paxos. The most notable two are the bars that are on the beaches of Vrika and Voutoumi in Anti-Paxos. There is also a taverna near the Levrecchio beach in Loggos, whilst there is a Kantina on the town beach in Gaios that is open during the peak holiday period. As listed above, there is a beach bar and taverna at Harami beach in Lakka.